Netflix Vox-Pop shoot in Central London

Netflix Vox-Pop shoot in Central London

We hit the streets of central London this week to record Vox-Pops (Man On The Street Interviews) for streaming giant Netflix. The aim was to capture on film what Londoners think about the popular service and its content? Where is Netflix going right? Where is it going wrong?

Netflix remains the UK’s most popular streaming service with Ofcom estimating that around 60% of households in the UK have a subscription. Therefore it was perhaps unsurprising to find people were more than willing to share their opinions with us.

Cold weather meant the streets were less crowded than usual as we began on Argyll Street near Oxford Circus, yet by midday it was the usual hustle and bustle of the capital.

With Peter Shevlin behind the Sony FX6 camera and myself recording sound, nine people of varying ages and backgrounds told us what they thought about Netflix, with the feedback being fairly positive on the whole. One question most people could not answer was which exact plan they had (Basic, Standard or Premium)? Can you!?

As the vox-pop recording drew to a close we found ourselves in the heart of Carnaby on Newburgh Street, where we ended the day by hearing from two of the team at Sophie Tea Art Gallery, so a big shout out to them!