Stories that Resonate

Radio production is central to what we do at c60Media. We have a genuine passion for audio storytelling and documentary making and truly believe in the power of radio to both inform and inspire.

Members of our team have a background in varying production roles at the BBC World Service, the world’s best-known and most- respected voice in international broadcasting

Our radio programmes have won international prizes including 8 New York Festivals awards, 4 AIB’s and 1 Audio Production Award, as well as garnering critical acclaim in national newspapers such as The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Independent.

The Return

Promoted by the Ghanaian government, African-Americans are investing and settling in Ghana.

In this documentary for BBC World Service, Dr Ashley Milton travels from Cape Coast to Tema, meeting a variety of African-Americans who now call Ghana home along the way. From a Marine Corps veteran who grew up in Los Angeles to a single mother from Atlanta, through varying stories of assimilation, hope, identity and migration, Ashley highlights the personal experiences of those like herself who have moved to Ghana, whilst reflecting on the significant historical connection between both countries.

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Stories from the New Silk Road: Iceland

From geothermal energy to scientific research, what does increased co-operation with China mean for Iceland?

In 2013, Iceland made history by becoming the first European country to sign a free trade agreement with China. It was aimed at increasing exports from Iceland to China as well as opening up Iceland to cheaper Chinese consumer goods. Geothermal energy has meant that Iceland is effectively carbon neutral. Its expertise in this area has led to collaboration with China and its geothermal model is changing China’s energy mix. One man behind this collaboration is Atli Jonsson, CEO of Arctic Green Energy. Anna Holligan asks him how geothermal energy will help shape the future needs of China’s energy consumption and open further opportunities for collaboration?

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Stories from the New Silk Road: Norway

As the Earth warms, there are new frontiers to be explored and traversed. From King Crab to shipping routes, Anna Holligan asks what does China’s Polar Silk Road mean for Norway?

Here, Anna shines a light on China’s wider ambitions in the Arctic. The region is rich in minerals, wildlife, fish, and other natural resources. So what does China’s Polar Silk Road mean for Norway and when the sea ice melts, who is set to benefit most?

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Writing’s on the Wall

From tattered lucky socks and perplexing pre-match rituals to Nadal’s perfectly placed water bottles, superstition truly pervades in the world of professional sport.

Martin Perry has spent years coaching sportsmen and women to build confidence and handle the psychological demands of their game. Here, he delves into the popular, very personal and often secretive sporting superstitions – regularly noted, but rarely discussed.

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The road to rock’n’roll

In a segregated US, black audiences, entertainers and entrepreneurs established their own network of live performance venues known as the Chitlin’ Circuit. Concentrated primarily in the Deep South, it provided many pioneers of modern music with the platform to hone their craft and perfect their style as they travelled the country.

In this documentary, with his harmonica in hand and the help of Little Richard, Mary Wilson, B.B. King, Lou Rawls and others, Bobby shines a light on a hugely influential network of venues that paved the way for rock’n’roll and shaped music history.

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Stories from the New Silk Road: Mexico

The town of El Triunfo in Tabasco state is not far from the Mexican border with Guatemala. Translated from Spanish, ‘El Triunfo’ means ‘The Triumph’ and being miles from the nearest city, with just over 5000 inhabitants, it does not usually attract much attention.

Katy Watson, the BBC’s South America correspondent, visits El Triunfo to discover how a town has been transformed, asking if Mexico can ever follow other countries in the region and sign up to China’s Belt and Road initiative?

Listen on the BBC here…

Highlights of our work include two BBC World Service series on the New Silk Road for The Compass, whilst ‘Martin Morales’ Peruvian Road Trip’ for BBC Radio 4 and ‘Where Stars Are Born: The Harlem Apollo’ for the BBC World Service, both won Gold at the New York Festivals Radio Awards.

We have a number of exciting upcoming radio series and one-off documentaries to produce in the coming months, as we continue to bring captivating stories from around the world to listeners.

If you have any radio ideas you would like to develop or discuss please do get in touch.