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People often ask us… ‘What are Vox Pops?’ Well it comes from the latin, “Vox populi” which literally means “Voice of the people” (In the US they refer to Vox Pops as Man On The Street interviews). Vox Pops are often used in journalism to garner public opinion; questions we have seen recently on TV have included, “What do you think of Brexit” or “Who are you likely to vote for in the coming general election?”. In business, Vox Pops can be used as a Market Research tool to gain popular opinion of a brand, product or service.

It is perfect for instant reactions to a YouTube campaign or marketing presentation. Recently we conducted research on behalf of a personal finance specialist and captured some great respondents, one who was just off to his financial advisor to unlock some of his pension pot early.

With Vox Pops, you just never know who will stop and answer your questions, but you can select a demographic to aim for in advance, for example, millennials. So know who you want to ask, what are the questions going to be and what you will do with the videos once you have collected your research. Knowing these things will help us stop the right people, ask the right questions and shoot perfectly for your end platform or distribution channel.