Professional Video Production Services for Three Stone Law: Autocue Videos

Professional Video Production Services for Three Stone Law: Autocue Videos

We recently had the privilege of partnering with Three Stone Law to produce high-quality autocue videos for their website. Using an autocue or teleprompter is becoming popular, see the shoot we did for BCG in February. Our team swiftly got back into the groove. We set up early in the morning amidst the rain in London’s historic Lincoln’s Inn, ensuring we captured the best shots right from the start.

What is an Autocue?

An autocue, also known as a teleprompter, is a device that displays a script for presenters to read, enabling smooth and uninterrupted delivery. Commonly used in television broadcasting, an autocue offers significant advantages for corporate presentations. It allows presenters to maintain eye contact with their audience while delivering a structured and engaging speech.

Why Choose an Autocue for Your Video Production?

Using an autocue in your video production projects provides several benefits:

  • Professional Image: Presenting directly to the camera while reading your script projects a strong, professional image.
  • Engaging Content: An autocue helps deliver well-organised content, making your presentations more engaging.
  • Versatile Investment: Setting up an autocue shoot opens the door to various other video projects, keeping your business’s online presence dynamic and fresh.

Production and directing was handled by Peter Shevlin, while I, Alphie Howard, was there to help with set-up, questions, and control of the autocue in time with the speaker. Apart from the rain that persisted, it was a good day filled with a lot of takes, but also strong character. One thing Three Stone definitely know about is the strength of their talent who take on ideas and clearly understand the objective.

The Perks of using an Autocue

1. Practice or on the fly

Familiarising yourself with the script is a lot easy thanks to it being presented in front of you, so if you didn’t have much time to practice, or struggling with memorising larger sections just remember, the script is in front of you to help.

2. Personalising Your Script

Even though you are reading from a script, it’s important to sound natural. Personalise the script with your own tone and style of speaking whether it be adding pauses or emphasising where needed to keep the delivery engaging.

3. Adjust the Speed

Everyone reads at their own pace, and with our setup we’re able to control and manage a speed fit to the reader to get the best takes we need for a video.

4. Natural Gestures

Just because you’re using an autocue and it’s a professional shoot doesn’t mean you should stand still. Using natural hand gestures and body language helps add emphasis and connect with your audience, while also just feeling natural when watching back on video.

Throughout the day we had the likes of James Gibbons, Matthew Marsh, Stephen Baister, & Michael Smith visit and read their prompts about mediation, all from what a mediator is, to how to find one.

Despite the dreary weather, we we able to capture some good shots with lots of vibrant colours using the backdrop of the vast gardens of Lincolns Inn. With a few well placed lights and slight touch ups we balanced out any extra shadows in the shot, and made the room lighting seem more natural. Although we were just tasked with recording as much as we could with the speakers, all four guests managed to blast through their scripts in no time with us, and if they were having trouble we were always ready to help edit the script on the fly to tailor to their reading speed, and help squash some of those harder, bigger sections.

Incorporating an autocue into your corporate presentations can significantly enhance your delivery, boost your confidence, and improve audience engagement.

Enhance your corporate communication with our expert video production services. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create impactful autocue videos that resonate with your audience.