iPad Prompter: Corporate Video Address

iPad Prompter: Corporate Video Address

We were asked to shoot this Corporate Video at BCG’s Charlotte Street Office in London. It makes remembering that corporate address super easy with an iPad prompter; reading off the screen takes a lot of the anxiety away from being featured on camera! We captured this address with the high-quality Sony FX6 camera, lav mic, boom mic and three point lighting.

This venue has some parking issues, but with an EV it means that we can enjoy the perks of free parking in London! I also love the Barista-style coffee ON-SITE that really keeps us going! Collaborating with Jonny Cliffe ensured a seamless shoot, he was there to help with advice and setups.

This was fun and we love these corporate videos with Boston Consulting Group. And it was just in time for Easter break, with professional editing on Premiere to review with the client.

Example of the editing live in process

If this caught your fancy, we have done previous shoots for BCG, which you can read our Green screen shoot here, and our personal company video shoot here. Once again, thank you to BCG, and keep an eye open for out future work and more behind the scenes stories to come!