Amazon Market Research in London

Amazon Market Research in London

We were asked by Amazon Prime, who we’ve previously worked with on their Web Services and recording conferences and events for, to hit the streets of London and help gather some market research on their Prime Video via Vox Pops.

We’ve already explained what a Vox Pop is before but if you need a little reminder, but “Vox populi” which literally means “Voice of the people” (In the US they refer to Vox Pops as Man On The Street interviews). A successful company is only thanks to their consumers, and Amazon wants to know what they can do better and what to provide more of, and our vox pops certainly let us know about a variety of opinions, ranging from menu design all to casting themselves!

But what do they want to know?

In this current age of streaming services and the slow death of terrestrial TV, choices are vast and competition is cut-throat, and when thinking of the big ones Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus come neck and neck each with their owns pros and cons. Any opportunity to improve and overtake rivals is vital and this is potentially the start of the streaming wars!

Amazon Prime Video was launched across the world in December 14th 2016 being joint in with the basic Prime package, so not only could you order and get next day delivery you could also get some free movies and shows to go along as a bonus.

However, some people are confused about the services on offer as some feel that certain entertainment was lacking, the menus confusing, and the extra subscriptions on top were too much! Here Amazon Prime are listening to the consumer and making that extra step to put the focus back on them and the quality needed into their product offer.

But how do you get that info?

C60Media spent the day around Oxford Circus and Carnaby Street looking for a diverse range of voices ranging in age, gender, and background to help get an idea of what everyone is looking for in their streaming services.

What jumps out is that nearly everyone we spoke to has Amazon Prime! We had 8 questions set out, the beauty of Vox Pops is they’re unpredictability, and the best Vox Pops are the ones that bond with the interviewee, ad-lib personal questions, follow-up on interesting stories or information, and try to have a good time and make people feel comfortable.

Video allows the researcher to spend more time reviewing the footage and therefore will provide a more in-depth analysis for their client. Video has been proven to generate valuable information that can greatly improve a product or service offered, which is what probably inspired Amazon to take the leap and trust us to get that information for them!

Curious how it turned out?

If you’re interested in the results of the day, we’re able to give you a little glimpse into the behind the scenes on our questions, replies, and varied opinion of Prime Video all around here:

It was a pleasure handling the shoot for Amazon and always great to meet the people of London! Carrying them out helps us stop the right people, ask the right questions and capture the perfect shot. Fingers crossed some of the feedback in these videos gets to the heart of the Amazon Prime executive team! I would definetly welcome more Prime content without ads!

Be sure to keep an eye out for any future Vox Pops around London, and more media BTS and stories!