Vishvapani & Mindfulness

Vishvapani & Mindfulness

For the last 14 years Vishvapani has delivered over 125 mindfulness classes and courses – from prisons via the Wales Probation Service and Parc Prison, to boardrooms and schools with the .b Foundations programme – allowing him to educate and inspire a new generation through the benefits of Mindfulness.

Vishvapani’s methods coming from his Buddhist background and he has been practicing since the age of 14, becoming a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1992. Throughout this journey he has helped people take a moment to breathe, counter thoughts which they might not have even realised were weighing on them, and generally come out feeling better for the day.

All of this experience has led to many opportunities for Vishvapani to spread his teachings. He wrote a biography of the Buddha; Quercus: Gautama Buddha: the Life and Teachings of the Awakened One, regularly appears on BBC Radio 4’s popular Thought for the day, and even created a 2 minute episode of The Wellness Workout with c60Media!

Picture of Vishvapani and his Dog

 Vishvapani has taught many of us and still has a lot to say and people to help in the world, so if you wish to keep up be sure to follow his twitter @Vishvapani where he regularly gives more thoughts of the day and promotes his work, whilst his own website is a good place to look out for any upcoming talks.

Be sure to watch his 2 minute wellness animation on YouTube and why not have a listen to the 5 minute interview he recorded for The Wellness Workout.