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Animating for the Wellness Workout: What’s next?

Hi, I’m Alphie, and I’m an animator for C60Media. Over the course of a year I’ve been animating for The Wellness Workout adapting interviewee’s 2 minute exercise into a visual guide for people to follow, with the final and 12th animation finished this January! Having listened to 12 different workouts extensively I came to appreciate…
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Vishvapani & Mindfulness

For the last 14 years Vishvapani has delivered over 125 mindfulness classes and courses – from prisons via the Wales Probation Service and Parc Prison, to boardrooms and schools with the .b Foundations programme – allowing him to educate and inspire a new generation through the benefits of Mindfulness. Vishvapani’s methods coming from his Buddhist…
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Animating Dr. Will Darling’s Wellness Workout

I’ve been animating the Wellness Workout series, and having done over half the presenters now I wanted to show a little behind the scenes of the process that goes into making them, and my thought process around it. I begin with the storyboards which I make with reused assets to help save time, and create…
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Podcast Recording at The Wellcome Trust Office, Euston

We had a great time recording at the Wellcome Trust Offices right across from London Euston!   It was the perfect environment for filming the pilot episode of OKRE’s upcoming “That’s Me On Screen” podcast, as our presenter Evelyn Mok immediately hit it off with our special guests: Rehemea and Jenna, as they connected over…
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