Animating for the Wellness Workout: What’s next?

Animating for the Wellness Workout: What’s next?

Hi, I’m Alphie, and I’m an animator for C60Media. Over the course of a year I’ve been animating for The Wellness Workout adapting interviewee’s 2 minute exercise into a visual guide for people to follow, with the final and 12th animation finished this January!

Having listened to 12 different workouts extensively I came to appreciate the different ways you can relax your body, calm your mind, and settle into your surroundings. From Amdi McErnest’s more physical approach with moving the body, to Sandra Pollocks affirmations and encouragement to fully seize the day. Even methods I would not have expected, such as Dr. Will Darling’s staring at your reflection and remembering all you hold precious and close before starting the workout.

Having to imagine these actions in a 2D animation was a challenge at times, but it was fun to push myself to learn new techniques and executions to the betterment of the final product.

Out of all 12, I would have to say Sandra Pollock’s was my favourite to animate. It was the first time I tried creating a new setting for our animated character to exercise in, being a section of woods bordering a lake, and I loved the use of mixed media in this video the most. It just seemed to fit and make the backgrounds seem more lively. With all the bright colours it makes me jealous I couldn’t go to that lake in real life!

With Season 1 all animated now and the potential for a second season, I am looking forward to future animation projects at C60Media. Keep an eye out for more animation projects we create in the future!

If this post has caught your interest be sure to check out the Wellness Workout site and listen to the 2 minute workouts with their exclusive 5 minute interviews, and check out the animations on the C60Media Youtube channel.