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Podcast Recording at The Wellcome Trust, with comedian Evelyn Mok

C60Media are delighted to be helping to develop and record a brand new podcast at The Wellcome Trust for the charity OKRE called “That’s Me On Screen”, hosted by the multi-talented comedian Evelyn Mok. It is all about hearing from diverse and often marginalised communities about how they do or do not see themselves represented…
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How To Record Podcast Ready Audio, On An iPhone?

The pandemic forced many industries to alter how they work, in some cases quite dramatically. But as the proverb goes; ‘every cloud has silver lining’… One thing we learnt at C60 Media was that with a few simple tips, you can actually record decent quality audio using an iPhone! Scroll below to find out how!!…
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Top 5 Reasons To Choose London For Podcast Production…

1. Location   London is the leading commercial and business capital of Europe. As the largest city in the UK, London’s population is estimated to be just under 10 million people. From museums and galleries to concerts and clubs, the capital is one of the world’s most exciting places to live, work and… record podcasts! 2.…
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