C60Media are delighted to be helping to develop and record a brand new podcast at The Wellcome Trust for the charity OKRE called “That’s Me On Screen”, hosted by the multi-talented comedian Evelyn Mok.

It is all about hearing from diverse and often marginalised communities about how they do or do not see themselves represented on screen and in the media we consume.

In each episode differing contributors – from travellers and comedians, to games developers and writers – shine a light on the power of entertainment to help us better understand the world, discussing how their communities have been depicted in Film and Television.

Recording at the impressive in-house studio of The Wellcome Trust in the heart of London, Evelyn welcomed guests such as comedian Sian Davies and actor-writer Waleed Akhtar, who offer unique insight into recent projects and their successful careers in the creative industries.

As an independent charity, OKRE has helped to develop and fun award-winning video games and films, whilst supporting screenwriters in the film industry.

Be sure to check out the first episode when it drops in the coming weeks!

Outside view of The Wellcome Trust on Euston Road, W1.