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How To Record Podcast Ready Audio, On An iPhone?

The pandemic forced many industries to alter how they work, in some cases quite dramatically. But as the proverb goes; ‘every cloud has silver lining’… One thing we learnt at C60 Media was that with a few simple tips, you can actually record decent quality audio using an iPhone! Scroll below to find out how!!…
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Creating Quality Content: C60Media Production

At C60Media we like to do our best to helps others get their message out there. Whether it be recording for a professional corporate video or helping edit highlights of a company conference, we as a team dedicate ourselves to offering the best service! It is with this mindset that we try to also branch…
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Podcast Recording at The Wellcome Trust Office, Euston

We had a great time recording at the Wellcome Trust Offices right across from London Euston!   It was the perfect environment for filming the pilot episode of OKRE’s upcoming “That’s Me On Screen” podcast, as our presenter Evelyn Mok immediately hit it off with our special guests: Rehemea and Jenna, as they connected over…
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Where is the Montage style podcast?

Podcasts have really grown in popularity in recent years. The beginning of this trend can perhaps be traced to the American investigative journalism podcast Serial which broke download records on its release in 2014. All of a sudden people outside of radio and audio were talking about podcasts again. One thing that almost all the…
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C60media.com for corporate communications.  Want a youtube channel or video podcast? Want to interview your CEO for your staff to watch?  Is there a new product that you would like to keep b2b customers informed about – video is a great way to get your message heard.