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Cornerstone Barristers: 2022 Planning Day Conference

The Royal College of Surgeons is an historic location, with columns, archways and large conference rooms giving that grandiose feel for the Cornerstone Barristers Planning 2022 conference. The day involved capturing keynote speaker Rebecca Phillips, professional lead in planning appeals and planning inspectorate as well as Dr Ashley Bowes and Estelle Dehon KC, all sharing…
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Shooting London Vox Pops Post-Lockdown

In mid January (2022) c60Media resumed filming vox pops on the streets of London after the pandemic caused a two-year hiatus. Even if you do not know what a vox pop is, chances are you do. From the latin “Vox populi” which literally means “Voice of the people”, Vox Pops are those moments where random…
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Where is the Montage style podcast?

Podcasts have really grown in popularity in recent years. The beginning of this trend can perhaps be traced to the American investigative journalism podcast Serial which broke download records on its release in 2014. All of a sudden people outside of radio and audio were talking about podcasts again. One thing that almost all the…
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