The Return on the BBC World Service

The Return on the BBC World Service

It has been a fantastic start to the New Year here at C60 Media with our latest BBC World Service documentary going out around the globe!

The Return highlights the varying experiences of African-Americans who have decided to leave America for Ghana in West Africa.

Featuring on The Documentary strand of the BBC World Service, The Return was presented by Dr Ashley Milton, an environmental scientist, policy expert and entrepreneur from Los Angeles. In 2018 Dr Milton decided the time was right to settle in Ghana’s capital Accra, just as the Ghanaian government was launching 2019’s the Year Of Return initiative.

Photo: Fresh local fruit is readily available in all the bustling cities of modern day Ghana.

The Year Of Return was about encouraging Africans in the diaspora to settle, visit or invest in Ghana, and led to 1.2 million visitors. Due to the overwhelming response a ten-year follow up initiative called Beyond the Return was launched in 2020 to build on the success.

In the documentary Ashley connects with six African-Americans who have also decided to move to Ghana in recent years, and efforts were made during production to hear from people who have relocated from various parts of the huge country that is the United States. In The Return listeners are given a glimpse into the journeys of people from Atlanta, California, Chicago, Ohio and Texas. Time is also taken to hear from the Ghana Tourism Authority and locals on the streets of Accra.

Photo: The presenter Dr Ashley Milton engages with locals in the popular, central district of Osu in Accra.

C60 Media are delighted that the documentary made BBC Radio 4’s Pick Of The Week, a show that selects the best moments from across all networks of BBC Radio every week!

We are also very grateful to the BBC World Service for commissioning this important story and for providing the global platform it deserves. Moving home comes with its challenges, let alone moving continents and it is hard not to be moved by the courage of all contributors, as well as their efforts to assimilate and embrace their historic roots on the continent.

Please listen here! …