Award winning producer Peter Shevlin with help from Neil Kanwal as assistant producer, Mark Galluzzo and Samual Pearce shooting in 4K and Chris Roberts on sound.

Our equipment includes; Sony FS7’s, Sony A7 Mk3’s, NewTek Tricaster for video streaming, Zoom FN8 recorder and mixer, Zoom H4n, Sennheiser Shotgun mics, Sennheiser lav mics and a host of lights and other mics.

We understand the video development process, so craft content strategies with your unique business objectives in mind. This allows us to provide clients with optimal engagement, interaction and differentiation in the YouTube ecosystem and tell stories that matter.

Give us a call today and we can get to work on your video concept which may even go viral.

Address: C60 Media Ltd, RIFT House 200, Eureka Park, Upper Pemberton, Ashford, TN25 4AZ

Office: 0207 193 7640

Company Number: 08987810
VAT Number: GB271924590

C60Media Corporate Shoot